Vibe Vault for Old Versions of Android

The current version of Vibe Vault supports Android 4.0 and later. But do not dismay if you are one of the ~16.7% of Android users1 running Android 2.x or earlier: I received an e-mail from a user with a phone running Android 2.3.5, and was able to dig up an old version of Vibe Vault… Read More »

Vibe Vault 4.1 Source Code

It took a while to get up, but the source code for Vibe Vault 4.1 is available here.  Vibe Vault is free software available under the terms of version 3 of the GPL  (license here).  Feel free to ask if you have questions on the code.

Building A Constant Current Driver For High-Power LEDs

Highly efficient, very powerful LEDs like the Cree XML2 are relatively inexpensive, and have lots of interesting uses.  According to Cree, they can “deliver[ ] an unprecedented 1198 lumens at 116 lumens-per-watt efficacy at 3 A,”1 with a maximum forward voltage somewhere around 3.15V.  To put this efficiency into perspective: incandescent lightbulbs have an efficiency… Read More »

Vibe Vault 4.1 Released

The new version of Vibe Vault is now available on Google Play. New features include: Two awesome, resizable widgets More robust searching capabilities (search by month and date in addition to year) The ability to change the downloads folder, and to scan the folder for existing shows and/or song) Improved notifications with an exit button… Read More »

Excessive Amount of Spam from Bot(s) Using E-Mail Addresses

I recently changed from an entirely static site, to one that is dynamic and WordPress-powered (and therefore susceptible to bots that try to spam WordPress comments). Since then, I have received a tremendous amount of spam from bots providing addresses: If you look at the left column above, you see that each post… Read More »